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Mary's 名Na•me calligraphy poster

Mary's 名Na•me calligraphy poster


Na•me of  the Mary created +drawn by Shohack(樵白)。

Created in April 2021 during the COVID19 lockdown at London atelier。


Mary = 真理

真 means "Truthful"

理 means "Genuine"


Her year of birth in Japanese era 垂仁十二年 Suinin12(18BC) on left top of the page。

Our web QR for name + Artist's signiture seal。


Hand-drawn Japanese calligraphy art on Washi paper(Awagami Bizan natural) scanned。


Please printout this calligraphy art piece to a Japanese washi paper to be enjoyed physically。


May bring peace to your soul。



(Please DM if you would like to purchase the original piece.)

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