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                            -Your name in Japanese-

We'll re-create your name in Japanese Kanji

Add meaning to your name with sound inspired by your original one。

Re-Encouter yourself。

Engrave to your heart。

Live your name。

Kanji is a pictogram originally from Chinese。

A single character usually means something and have multiple readings。


The total number of Japanese Kanji used commonly are 2,100+ characters。

We'll find one or a combination that symbolize you。

This is no AI work, it takes our creative thinking with playful wording bespoke to you。

The most important thing is to meet the meaning you can believe in。

Why would you choose us to na・me you?

We are branding consultant who is servicing brands globally。 Highly experienced and passionate about making things cool! And we are international minded Japanese。

Here's a name of one of the most famous western name、just to give you an idea of various meanings the name could have。



mary pic.jpg

Name   Mary

NaMe :


真理  ♪「ma ri」   Truthful + Genuine
麻利  ♪「ma ri」   Hemp(Grow well)+Fruitful 
毬      ♪「mari」    Ball(Playful, Gentle)
万里  ♪「ma ri」   Great scale
磨璃  ♪「ma ri」   Polished + Gem  
♪「ma rei」  Dance + Grateful 
夢有  ♪「mu ari」  Dream + Have  

Name, Title

iig cia.png


iig cia.png


iig cia.png


na me.png
sensu c.JPG

How NaMe works。


Give us your name or someone to be named (first name is better), nick name, its meaning, background&passion of the name holder and remarks when you Order。


Created in our atelier in New York,

We'll propose you with couple of choices with explanation for you to decide the one。Give us few days。

Our hand written calligraphy of your chosen name will be scanned & emailed to you。Printout in fine washi paper for better presentation.

Make it special: To make your or your love one's na•me experience more special, we'll create original hand-carved wood seal by an artisan in Japan。Perhaps the calligraphy on framed washi paper 和紙畳紙 or maiko fan 京舞扇子。etc...

Quality materials from Japan as we like to help support Japanese traditional artisans to pass on good old things。

Visit our SELECTION page from below button for authentic gift details。



*There are research & idea to be put into naming process so we won't be able to return your investment after our proposal。🙏

Hope you can accept our policy and start below to order your NaMe

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