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Na•me kitchen sward 和包刀

Na•me kitchen sward 和包刀

Available with in couple weeks after na•me is chosen

This is a craft passed on from the spirit of Samurai。The sward is the heart and soul of Samurai and this pretty much explains how much craft and passion has been poured into this throughout the history。


Now you get to be the Samurai in your kitchen。

There are some known regions in Japan for blade craftsmanship。

Echizen, Fukui where our founder met the master Kamo at Takefu knife village in the photo. The na•me香 printed knife in the photo is Gyutou(Chef's knife) in Stainless steal handmade by master Takamura also from Echizen。

Seki, Gifu is another major region also known to be one of the 3 best blades in the world, Seki was established as the sward maker for samurais along with the regions Echigo, Niigata and Sakai, Osaka。

We will choose the best authentic Japanese knife available from these popular regions at the time of your order and print your na•me on it。 We believe the fate is very ichigoichie spirit。

Please leave the choice of the cutlery to us。


    We will create your na•me and imprint it on authentic quality Japanese kitchen sward。We will choose the best available authentic Japanese knife from the popular blade making regions at the time of your order within the price。We believe the fate is very ichigoichie spirit。
    Please leave the choice of the cutlery to us。

    For Na•me creation. please refer the product page of " Na•me creation" for details。

    Blade style: multi-purpose, Santoku(Standard) or Gyutou(Chef"s knife) 170-180mm

    Material: stainless steal to imprint your na•me

    Weight: About 150g


    Delivery in USA is expected in couple week after the na・me is chosen。Worldwide delivery would take more time and please aware that the additional custom tax from your local government may be charged to you upon arrival now a days.

    The delivery will be made from Japanese Knife Company. We rely on their speciality on handling Japanese blades。

    Only delivered to customers over 18yrs old。


    The cutlery is specially imprinted for you only so we won't be able to return your investment after your order。🙏

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